Friday, May 08, 2009

Ooh oh oh feelings

A few months ago Aunt Leigha and Ed took the boys to see a Thomas the Train show. Jaxon cried about whatever and Leigha asked him if he was sad because it "hurt his feelings". And suddenly the world made sense to Jaxon.

Over the next few days, we heard countless times about how his "feelings are coming out". We are a no drama home and Don and I cringed every time we had him say it. Finally, I had an idea and I told him "fillings" are given to you by the dentist. Since you boys have never been to the Dr and gotten fillings, you don't have fillings to come out.

A few more times of that twisted logic of making him think he had misunderstood the word by Aunt Leigha and the subject has been closed so long I forgot about it.

But last night Don was home with the boys while I went to my MOM's dinner. Wyatt was over tired and crying.

Wyatt: My my my feelings are coming out.
Don: Where? Where are they coming out?
Wyatt: They, they coming out of my tummy
right there, right... there my tummy.
I got to go drs, my feelings coming out my tummy.

Thanks Aunt Leigha. Thanks so much.


Michele S said...

I'm calling CPS. You are making those poor boys think they're feelings are coming out of their STOMACHS????

MEN have feelings, DON. If you got deep inside your inner child, your stomach might explode when it all came out.

Greg isn't afraid to show his feelings. He's a very sensitive man. That's why his stomach is so small. Didn't you notice?

Michele S said...

I meant their not they're. You've got me all worked up here. I might start crying.