Thursday, May 28, 2009

California Family

Don has quite a bit of family in California. We always like to visit with his Grandma Fran and Grandpa Marion for a bit them go to his Aunt Linda's to visit with the rest of his family. This time was even better since his sister Brandi is now in the area and was able to meet up with us in the morning.

We went to a nearby park and the boys had so much fun meeting their Aunt and Uncle along with their cousins Davey and Jeffery. I have always thought Wyatt looked like Jeff as much as Jaxon looks like Davey, so it was cool to see them again (it had been about 7 years since we last saw them!) and see how much they do resemble their cousins.

The boys were completely crazy showing off for their family and luckily they were able to run off some of their crazy energy at the playground and then the water area. The boys and David were such good sports about the boys craziness and didn't mind that the boys had a fit of testosterone and tried to attack them every now and then.

All too fast, it was time for us to go. We arrived at Don's grandparents and they had birthday bags for the boys. In the bags were a bunch of little stuff to keep the boys busy. Snacks, toys, and a multi pack of balloons. I am surprised I did not pass out from blowing up the boys balloons over and over again so they could watch them race around the room as the air blew out. It was so good to see Don's grandparents again, it always is too long between visits.

Last stop of the day was at Don's Aunt Linda and Uncle Bobs house. Don's cousins LeeAnn and Nate were their with their own families and we laughed through most of this visit. Little Jake "the snake" is getting so big and baby Kaylyn was just beautiful! Some times I wonder if I am getting baby fever, but I know I don't want one, I just want to borrow one :).

After dinner we stood outside admiring Linda's garden while the kids all played together and it seemed lie a good time to take some group pictures. As Don and John ran back and forth setting their timers and running back in place to beat the flash, the kids were watching them and all managed to be watching the camera as the pictures were taken.

We left their house with high hopes of getting to run into the IKEA store on the way out of town. Did you know they have a play area you can drop the kids off while you shop?? Sounds like my kind of store! Unfortunately, Wyatt and Jaxon were both asleep even before we hit the main freeway so we had to nix the idea for this trip. Luke fell asleep soon after and all three boys slept the entire 4 hour car ride back to Vegas. So although missing IKEA stunk, a peaceful ride home somewhat evened it out.

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