Friday, May 29, 2009

...and we're off!

Where are we going you ask? All the way from Las Vegas to Omaha, South Bend, Toledo, Western NY, DC, VA Beach, Raleigh, Amarillo, New Mexico and back to Vegas in three weeks with our trailer in tow. I will be checking in and updating on our where abouts, breakdowns, and amazement of places that regularly have weather that is below 90 degrees .

See you on the road!


Deb said...

Sounds fun!

Raleigh is just 2 hours from me. Hope you enjoy NC.

laraine said...

Wow - that sounds like a fantastic trip!.

Be safe and have lots of fun.

a portland granny said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, but with three active little boys sitting for all those miles, I hope you all have a restful time. I'm sure you have it figured out to minimize the boys waking time in the car.

I did a driving trip when two of my kids were 5 and 10..and the days grew long, but we managed to have a wonderful time. I stopped each night in motels that had pools!