Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disneyland! Part 3

Obviously, we had a good time at Disneyland. The kids some how managed not to have any breakdowns -although Jax did get his head stuck between some poles while waiting to ride Dumbo and Wyatt did sneak in a nap during lunchtime. We brought snacks for them to munch on and I think that helped to save the day during the long waits in lines. The boys each wore a "Happy Birthday" button that the park hands out to birthday people and there were easily 100 people who wished them a happy birthday.

They loved all the rides -Dumbo, the spinning tea cups (Don could have done with out), Small World, Autopia (they each got to steer their own car!), the Finding Nemo submarine, and more including a roller coaster that two sat without an adult and the train they liked to take around the park.

We waited in line about a half hour each to see both Mickey and Minnie Mouse at their homes. Wyatt was heartbroken Minnie didn't use his pen and cried during most of the visit but quickly got over it after the visit was done. We got to walk through Minnie's house where Don opened her fridge and thought he had gone to heaven with all her cheese goodies.

Originally we were thinking to leave halfway through the day and let them decompress a bit then come back, but as the day went on, we decided to keep going. As it got darker, we knew we would watch the fireworks and then leave. As the fireworks exploded in the sky, I gathered all of our goodies and got ready for the quick get away. Pulling their stroller backwards so they could watch the the rest of the fireworks, we sped out of the park, trying to beat the rush that would be sure to follow the end of the fireworks.

Luckily we only had to watch a few trams come and go before we got on one ourselves. The boys were exhausted but still in good spirits -yelling for their echo while strolling through the parking garage. The ride back to the hotel was short and sweet and their birthday was a huge hit!

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Annie said...

Did Don find any limburger cheese in there? Ha ha! Sounds like you guys had a blast.