Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to normal

For the past seven weeks, we have taken the chance to really enjoy Don being home. We have had many lazy mornings followed by fun afternoons going to fun (free) places. Our dinner have sometimes been new and exciting recipes that generally we didn't have the time or energy to try when we both were busier.

The boys have really loved their Dad being home. In the past few weeks the boys have begun to get closer to him than I thought possible. His status is easily equal to mine in the boys eyes now, and that is such a beautiful thing. This morning upon waking and finding only me in bed, Jaxon and Luke asked where their Daddy was. When I told them he was at work, Jaxon just longingly said, "Daddy is my friend". Which in my house means you are the cream of the crop.

So today life returns to "normal" with a working Daddy and a Mom who shuttles the kids around. I will miss the extra hands around -cooking breakfast and other morning jobs (not to mention his handsome smile) and I know the boys will miss seeing his face when they walk out of their classroom wanting to get a big hug after their time away at school. But I bet anything they get an even bigger hug today when he comes home from work.

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laraine said...

Laura - I'm so glad to hear Don is back to work.

It must be a big relief for you guys.

Cute picture of the 4 of them!