Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentines Day Wreath

Around Christmas time I began to notice all these cute crafts people in blog land were creating. Loving what I saw, a plan was made. After what seemed like forever, the boys finally had school again and allowed me to visit Joann's in peace.

Wednesday night I took my new fabric and rotary cutter and chopped my fabric into 2 inch squares. Luke wanted to help, but eventually he was happy that I was just allowing him in the room. Until he quickly ran out the door once the ice cream truck's tinkling song faintly was heard all the way upstairs.

After a few hours of gluing and stabbing a foam heart, my wreath was like-able. Add to it a ribbon bow and a suction cup to attach it to my door, and I was beginning to feeling the love.

Here is the link to the tutorial.

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loren said...

That wreath is so cute! I've been feeling crafty lately, but I need to buckle down and actually do it. Maybe if I spent less time online... hmmm...