Monday, January 26, 2009

He's not afraid

Jaxon is a brave little guy. Beside bugs and car washes -he has little in this world to be afraid of. Driving through the airport tunnel? He yells with glee about "ghosts in the tunnel guys!". Climbing to the top of the red rope pyramid at the playground? He has been doing that for over a year! When he spots a big dog, he just asks to pet it.

So why was I surprised tonight at bed time when he told me he is not afraid of something new?

He is so very brave after all. Except for gnats, right Annie?

As I was rushing them to go potty one last time before getting under the covers tonight, Jax came around the corner into their room and looked at me. "I not 'fraid of you" he announced. Not quite sure of what he had just said, he had to repeat it a few times until I repeated it and asked him if that is what he said.

He said it once again and then raising his eyebrows a little and shaking his head to the side, he looked me right in the eye and matter-of-factly added, "I not 'fraid!".

Yeah. We'll see how that goes tomorrow when I get my game face on.


Anonymous said...

I hate to laugh, but that made me laugh. My kids aren't afraid of me either. That's something how they come up with this stuff.

Love you!!!

Annie said...

Ha ha! Yep. It's pretty amazing that such a brave and daring kid can be so scared of a bug so small I couldn't even see it!!!! Too funny!!!