Saturday, January 31, 2009

Limburger Cheese

The past few times Annie has been in town, there has been some talk between her and Don about trying Limburger cheese. For one reason or another, it never came to fruition, so this time Annie packed some on her carry on as a "present" to Don.

Don opened his beer, took a swig and started unwrapping the cheese. Annie gagged as she caught a whiff across the room -even before Don had the package completely opened. I thought she was nuts since I have super smelling abilities and still couldn't smell it, so I walked up and took a whiff close up. BIG MISTAKE! The cheese smells like dirty sweaty socks. Blech.

Despite mine and Annie's reactions, Don did the happy dance you see above and cut himself a slice. Luke woke up crying in his room and I was up to my elbows in washing dishes at the sink, so I asked Don to run and get him. Well, after all that build up about taking a bite, Don wasn't going to let it go, so he took a bite and ran up the stairs.

He didn't even make it up half the stairs before turning around and running back to the sink. Noisily, he spit the cheese out and began gagging. Being the gentleman he is, he had the decency to run the water and garbage disposal so we wouldn't get grossed out hearing him get sick. No chance of that though, because at that point we were laughing so loud I doubt we would have heard him anyhow. Annie went up to save Lucas while I dried my hands to follow her.

For a good hour afterwards, you could hear giggles from Annie, having flash backs to the incident. Don took the cheese to work the next day, wanting to be sure it was disposed properly and never to be seen (or smelt) again.


Annie said...

Ha ha! I started laughing all over again when I read this. That was SO FUNNY!

And um, Laura. I don't think at the time you said it smelled like "dirty sweaty socks". But since this blog is "G" rated, I won't repeat what you really said!

Laura said...

OK Annie, you sold me out. It smelled like dirty nasty a**UNDERWEAR, not socks. I left it out -not because of the PG factor- but because it raises the debate of what does nasty a** underwear smell like? Well, for those who are wondering, it smells like Limburger cheese. Yuck.