Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Climb that Mountain!

Recently my cousin Annie came out to visit us. She is a single, hip girl, so it surprises us when she chooses to spend her hard earned vacation time with us, but it definitely thrills us as well.

This is Annie's 3rd visit in the past year to see us. Once was with her sister Katie last year, but somehow Jaxon gets her name mixed up and calls her "Katie". When we tell him her name is Annie, he looks at us as if to say like why are you trying to pull one over on me? .

While Annie was here, we decided we had a great kid to adult ratio and it was time to tackle mountain climbing. It was a nice cool day with a little breeze, so everything seemed perfect. It stayed that way until 15 minutes into it, we were at the half way point and the breeze had turned into something strong enough that we didn't want to let go of the kids hands while we were close to the mountains edge. Once we got to the top, the kids had frozen snot coming out of their nose and their hands were definitely chilled to the touch.

After they played around at the top and we read all the neat signs about the mountains around us, Jax cuddled up to me and said he wanted to go home. So back down we went, baby step by baby step down the steep hillside. The boys were so tuckered out, they didn't even ask to play at the playground we passed on the way to the car.

It was hard work, but the reward of getting them to go to bed on time was worth the pain our legs had the next day.


Michele S said...

How fun! Greg takes the kids up there all the time. It was great meeting Annie and I bet you missed her when she left!

Annie said...

I always have so much fun when I visit. You guys are are always so generous and we always have fun, no matter what we do! Can't wait to do it again in May if its not too hot!

PS - I don't know about the whole "hip" thing. Maybe you have me confused with Katie, too!

PPS - Michele - It was nice to meet you too!