Sunday, August 03, 2008


Do you know what Jax is doing?


That's right, we are potty trained! Not sure how it happened without a full blown potty training boot camp again, but it just happened. One day about a week and half ago, I decided it was time to try Luke in underwear again. I asked him if he'd like to wear underwear or a diaper. He decided underwear. His brothers heard and decided they wanted underwear also.

We have plain blue potty training underwear and Disney character underwear and the deal was if they could keep their blue underwear clean and dry all morning or evening, the next shift (after bed or naps) they could wear the Disney ones. By the first evening, two had Disney underwear and the last one caught up the next day.

We have had a couple accidents, but not many at all. 95% of the time they are waking dry from naps as well, so I think we are almost all the way there.

I would like to thank the makers of M&M peanut candies as I know the motivation of 2 or 3 little morsels was enough to make them run to the bathroom when they needed a sugar fix. Bob the Builder, who supplied the cooshie potty seat upstairs. Also, I can't forget Mr. Licorice, who the boys loved as their reward for their um, number 2 acts. And lastly, The Cool Sippy Cups, who didn't complain once that we kept them put away during the first week of training. What a great team!

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