Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Water Park Fun

Two days this past week we have spent playing in the water at near by parks. Last week we were invited to join Nana's friend Debbie with her grand daughters at a big water play area. It is not a pool, but has many different areas of water spraying. The boys had so much fun playing with their new friends Katie and baby Laura.

Yesterday we met up with their new friends to play at another water park, but this one was a huge wading pool. It had an entry like the beach (minus the sand) and was very shallow all the way around. The boys loved it! Luke loved being so free in it without worries of it being too deep. All three would laying on their bellies and army crawl, pretending to be sharks.

We had so much fun that when Don came home, we woke the boys from their sun induced nap and went to the water park again! It was nice to have Don see the boys enjoy themselves in a different element.

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