Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sleepy Boys

Since they have been in toddler beds, Jax has taken to cuddling with Luke at night. Sometimes I wake late at night or very early in the morning to Luke tiredly telling him, "My blanket, Jax! That's mine!". And on those occasions I will get up and put Jax back in his bed. With those few exceptions aside, the boys really love to sleep in the same bed.

A few nights ago, we saw that Wyatt was joining their party. Jax is usually across the bottom of Luke's bed, and Luke will be crunched at the top of the bed. This particular night, Luke had his head at the foot of the bed by Jax's and Wyatt was upside down in his bed so his head would be close to his brothers. The following night, Wyatt made to move to Luke's bed.

This has lead to some late night giggling, but it is sweet to hear and usually we don't mind. On the nights we need them to go to sleep quickly, one of us will stay in their room for a few minutes to make sure they are quiet before we leave the room. And of course there has been many a nights that we have to go in and restore order with threats of taking away the cars they are sleeping with or separating them and sleeping in the baby bed (this still works even though we no longer have a crib up!).

Either way, I think it is sweet that they like to stay so close, even in the wee hours when they would be so much more comfortable with their own space in their own beds. They are so lucky to have each other.

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Michele S said...

That is so cute. Mine have never done that. Everyone's triplets do that except mine. I wonder WHY? :)