Monday, August 04, 2008

Typical Day

Today we had a typical summer day.

First thing this morning I woke up to both Don and Wyatt in bed with me. Wyatt must have snuck in early in the morning, but thankfully he knows to close his bedroom door when he sneaks out, so the morning sun doesn't wake his brothers. About ten minutes after I noticed Wyatt was in our bed, I felt Jaxon slowly climbing into my side of the bed. Quickly I tucked him under my arm, telling him it was still "night-night time". Jax quietly used my arms and face as a road for his Doc Hudson and when I finally realized he was not going to go back to sleep, I told him he may go downstairs and play quietly.

Soon Wyatt stopped snoring and woke up. He wakes up quickly, as soon as his eyes pop open, he is going 60 miles an hour. Luke was still sleeping in their room and Don opened his door to slowly wake him up. Once everyone was up and ready, we headed over for breakfast at Einstein Bagels.

After the boys "help" Don get our breakfast and orange juice to the table, it is time to eat! I get a spinach bacon panini that I split with the boys. Jax ends up having most of their half while Luke and Wyatt tear into their Asiago bagels covered with cream cheese. Sometimes we take this over and have breakfast with Nana and Pops as well, but not today. We have errands to run.

After a few stops, the boys are asking about Nana and Pops so we decide it is a beautiful day for a swim. They just swam yesterday at Brain and Charlies birthday party (the party was so much fun, too!), but it is so hot out and swimming sounds like fun.

So over to Nana's we go. Wyatt's eyes get big and his head is nodding yes when he asks Nana, "You go swimming too, Nana?". How could she say no to that? So in she comes with us.

Luke is getting much braver in the pool, even holding his head back in the waterfall to let his hair get wet. Sometime he puts his mouth in the water to drink or try to blow bubbles. I am not sure which he is doing. Could be both. :) He likes to jump in from the side of the pool, but tells you to "come closer, closer" and has to be practically holding your hands as he jumps in. Once he is in, he likes to hold on to us while kicking to makes us pull him around like he is a speed boat.

Wyatt is still making more of an effort to not swim, than he does to learn how to swim, but he is still having fun. He likes it if I take his arms and dance around in the water with him while singing the alphabet or jump up and down so he can feel the water rush up against him and then drop back down. He also jumps in from the sides to us when we say the first couple lines of the Humpty Dumpty rhyme, making his jump when we say, "Humpty Dumpty had a great FALL!".

Jaxon is a wild man in the pool. But I think that surprises no one. He likes to jump in from the high side of the pool, with his arms and legs spread open in a huge belly flop position, but with the biggest smile on his face while he does it. Jax is able to hold on to the side of the pool with both hands and walk his hands around the entire pool -telling us all the while, "I be careful!".

Nana made the boys some pot stickers and tater tots in the shapes of letters. When they were done eating it was time to go home. The boys are still napping (3 hours later) but I know they have had a busy day and will be getting up soon. It has been a great day and I hope we have many more like this before the summer is over.

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