Saturday, August 16, 2008


For a few weeks Don and I were debating on if the boys should start preschool yet. We feel that since they just turned three, it wasn't high priority on our list yet. Preschool seems too old for the boys. Then we found out the way preschool works is if you are not enrolled in August, you couldn't exactly just sign up and come in in January. The currently enrolled children get first chance of coming back, so you have to be on a wait list and hope some drops out. In our case, three someones would have to drop out.

Then we began to have second thoughts. No preschool until next August? The boys will be four by then, but will they get bored at home for the next year? Our house is getting smaller every day. I know they are restless and I know the they are loving the classroom environment from the other classes we have been to. Then we got hit with a road block, and found out the boys would have to be potty trained. Well, that marked us out for good. After our disastrous attempt at potty training, I wasn't about to force the issue again. It just wasn't in the cards for us. Days after we decided we would have to wait until next year, the boys were basically potty trained.

So this morning (at 6:00am no less) was the online registration for preschool. It is very competitive and only about 12 spots open, which I needed to reserve 3 for us. At 5:51 I began compulsively refreshing the page to see if registration was open yet. Refresh. Refresh. refreshrefreshrefresh. Seriously. For 10 minutes straight. When the clock hit 6:01, I could feel my heart beating, wondering, it is 6:01! What kind of #$%^ game are they pulling? Worrying the new page was stuck, I added the Alt button to my refresh regimen. Refresh.refresh.refresh. Finally at 6:02, the site was open!

Quickly, as fast as my shaking finger would let me, I type in all the magic numbers to sign into my account. Then even faster, over to the preschool class. Holy crap, only 8 spaces left in. Add to basket, add to basket. Wyatt. 6 spaces left! Add to basket add to basket. Jaxon. 5 spaces left! Crap! Add to basket, Laura. Shoot! Argh, I clicked on the wrong name! Lucas, click on check out.

After I got my credit card info typed in I sat there all bug eyed and the suspense of the processing page was too much to bare. Finally the heavens opened up on me and the screen said my transaction was complete!

So as of 6:04 this morning, the boys are going to preschool 2 hours a day, twice a week! Woo hoo! I feel like jumping around waving my arms in the air like Rocky after he finished his run.

Preschool, here we come!


Cathy said...

That is great! They will love going to school, and you will love some FREEDOM!

Misti said...

We're doing Wednesday classes:
10:30 am Lazing with Lori (parent child/cooking/art)
11:30 Gym

On days you don't have errands, you're welcome to join us in class :)


laraine said...

Wohoo... Glad you got them all in!. They are going to love preschool.

Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful for the boys! They will love Pre School, they can join their cousin, he's starting Pre K 3 too this September, twice a week for 3 hours a day! And I too made the same mistake, we missed the sign ups and Joey could have gone to all day Pre K b/c he'll be 4 in December, it's all a life lesson I guess. Take lots of pics of their first day!!


loren said...

I know exactly what you mean about trying to type when you're in a hurry and your hands are shaking. I can picture it now! ;)

I'm so glad to hear that the fates smiled on you and got your kiddos in the class. What a huge relief I'm sure that is!