Thursday, August 07, 2008


After the boys started playing tee-ball with my candlestick holder, Don and I decided it was time to teach the boys about baseball. Sure, they had played it on the Wii -but they had never before actually hit a real ball with a real bat.

We took out the baseball bats, balls and tee ball stand they had gotten at their birthday party and had a picnic dinner at the park. Our dog, Belle was so perfect on this outing since she is a master ball fetcher. The boys would take turns placing their balls on the tee and swinging away. They did really well for their first time, actually managing to hit the balls without knocking down the tee every time.

Here is a video of Wyatt and Luke taking turns. Keep in mind this is the first time they have ever played on a tee. Do you hear Jax cheering them on?

After they had their fill of pizza and baseball, we played in the playground for a bit. After taking care of our dog, Belle, I turned around and saw Don encouraging Wyatt to run by the swings, while his brothers were swinging! Thinking I had to be having a nightmare, I took a video to be sure. Listen to Don calling Wyatt "Frogger" and also be sure to notice that Luke and Jaxon are in big kid swings! Look how high they like to go!


laraine said...

I think you've got some baseball players in your future. They are good!!.

Really cute videos.

Annie said...

You may just have the next Derek Jeter on your hands. My dad would be so proud that you are getting them started young! I can't wait to teach them a thing or two next time I'm in town!

Miss you and love you!