Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Putting the boys down to bed leads me through many different feelings.

First and foremost relief. 1) Relief that we made it through another day, 2)relief that we will have quiet time and 3)relief that it will be approximately 12 hours before the madhouse starts again.

Next comes impatience. It happens because bed time is like the carrot dangling before our faces -quiet time, is so close but so far! Why does it take a full half hour to get them changed and into bed? Come on Wyatt, please come see Mommy so we can put your Mickey Mouse jammies on. Lucas, Daddy is putting on your Mickey shirt! You better run! Buddy, you already have your jammies on... why didn't you tell Momma you wanted to go potty before?

Next is adoration, followed by a bit of irritation.
Look how cute they are running and dancing together! Singing songs together and awww, they are hugging. Oh, he pulled you down! Okay, hugging has turned into wrestling. Cue the infectious giggling. Now Don has joined in. Everyone on Daddy's back! Swat team, swat team! Daddy got you! Okay, into bed so we can get a drink. We said "one more drink" five times now. Luke spit his water out of his mouth? Jax, you are going to get an owie hanging from your tent like that!

And then comes heart melting.
Time to blow all the lights out. In the dark, I am holding Wyatt's little body close to me as he joins me in singing "twinkle twinkle little star". He smells so sweet. Luke wanting to be held once and then twice as he gets in his last hugs and kisses for the night. Big squeezes! Jaxon is curled up in his bed, with that little smile on his face as he closes his eyes, pretending to be sleeping -until Don makes him giggle. All their blankets pulled up past their shoulders and keeping their necks warm.

Night-night little guys.

We love you!


Last of the feelings is exhaustion as we close their door and have just enough energy left to go sit down in silence. Even though I am glad that it is "our time", I can't help but miss their giggles a little bit as I unwind.

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