Monday, March 10, 2008

Dinner for SIX

Saturday evening Cathy and the boys came over for dinner. Usually we play over at Cathy's since her house is much larger and the boys have more space to play in, but it has been our turn for a long time now to have them over at our house. Soon after she got here, it was time to feed the boys some pizza and realized they are all old enough to hang out at their own "kid's table". All six of them sat down at the picnic table and ate their pizza. Not one child got up and moved around. They all sat nicely there until they were done eating. For the first time EVER, all three of us adults were able to sit down, eat and chat while the kids were eating. It was awesome!

After dinner the boys went in the living room to play. And surprise of all surprises, they played together! Some of them went to the cubby to read and others played a long game of touching Cathy's nose -but they all interacted with the other group of kids, not just their own brothers. Lots of giggling, running and hugging for the next hour or so before Cathy packed up the boys and left.

Jaxon, Wyatt and Lucas stood out on the front step of our house while Cathy's van was pulling away. All three were waving and yelling good bye to their friends. We all had such a fun night and can't wait to see what kind of fun we will have next time we play with our friends.

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