Friday, March 14, 2008

New Hair Day

Luckily the boys passed through what seemed to be a 24 hour virus (aka vomit fest 2008). They seem to be at full energy force most of the time, but tire out easily and every once in a while I can tell someone is not feeling well. Thankfully, no more vomiting so hopefully the worst of it is behind us.

Good timing too, since they had an appointment to get their hair cut this morning. After talking it up all week and telling them the steps that Miss Nannette was going to do while they got their hair done, Jaxon was ready to go. He volunteered to be first and the beautiful little guy just smiled just about the whole time she snipped away.

Wyatt was just as good, but less enthusiastic. He kept saying "all done now". Lucas -on the other hand- wanted nothing to do with any of it. He ended up sitting on my lap during the hair cut, but settled down enough for her to get a good even cut.

Afterwards we headed over to my moms for lunch and Don surprised us by being able to stop off and visit mid day. The boys loved seeing his truck there and were thrilled to see their Daddy. With Don over sleeping and staying home on Monday and then being sent home on Thursday, they have had lots of time to hang out with him this week and are just loving it.

Before & After


Teresa said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, those boys are just too cute. I can't believe 2 of the 3 are well behaved for a hair cut. I still have one also that has to sit on my lap...and he's the one that actually has enough hair to justify paying for a haircut!

laura said...

My husband says that I'm going to have to be the one to cut Deeder's hair. I'm not looking forward to it! :P

Anonymous said...

How handsome!
Great haircuts, give the boys high fives from me for being so good!
:) Love ya!