Saturday, March 29, 2008

Catching Up

Seems like all I have been doing is catching up. I have been trying to stretch myself beyond the day to day getting through and have been doing a bit of catching up.

My bathroom counter has been a mess for what seems likes weeks, ever since Jaxon spilled a container of powder out on the counter and in my make up drawer. In order to clean the mess, the drawer needed to be emptied, washed down and put back together. But since it was empty, it was the perfect chance to throw away old make up (like YEARS old) and clean off the things I wanted to keep. Putting my make up back in the drawer gave me a perfect opportunity to reorganize my drawer, which meant I could reorganize my medicine cabinet, etc.

So I guess it seemed like weeks because it really was.

I also organized my summer clothes and got rid of more pants/capris/shirts that no longer fit. It seriously took me a couple hours to go through my dresser and closet to see what I wanted to pass on and keep. But I am now organized and packing will be easy when we go to San Diego this summer!

This week I have gotten three scrapbook layouts done. I figure I am on the computer so much and really don't have much to show for it. Yes, a new knowledge of child rearing information and other helpful nonsense, but nothing I can see. One of my scraps won a "Layout of the Week" contest which was pretty dang neat, too.

And last, Don and I got caught up on some landscaping yesterday. I took the boys to Star Nursery and we picked out a couple vines for the back yard. We have a spot that we have planted two bougainvilleas in the past, but they freeze out and die every winter. I know they will come back, but they look horrible in the mean time. So we planted the new yellow bank vines, trimmed up some bushes, and planted some bulbs, too. Now that Don has weed whacked and mowed the yard for the first time in about 6 months, it looks beautiful again.

I have no new pictures since my camera is still dead. Hopefully we will get it in the shop soon so I can give you new material. In the mean time, we will be using the camera that someone on Don's route threw away. When I asked him why someone would throw away a perfectly good camera, he just said they were getting a divorce. So if any of you are getting divorced and happen to have a working Canon Rebel body, don't it away. Send it to me!

To tide you over with a little bit of the boys, here is a video we took on Easter Sunday. This is Wyatt occupying himself with a "flute straw" while we were waiting for our lunch

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