Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Moments

The past week...

Getting the boys up from nap time the other day, Wyatt was still laying down in his crib with his eyes closed. Trying to wake him up gently, Don went to rub Wyatt's back when Wyatt jumped up and in true Moe fashion said "here I am!"

In the car Luke will randomly start singing "mmo moo here, moo moo dare, moo moo here, moo moo dare" over an over agian. If we so much as try helping him move on to the rest of the lyrics, it is met with a "no, I do it!"

Jaxon saw Don's tattoos on his back and then asked Don "gurl-fend Dadoo?"

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joan said...

Laura thank you for your sweet note you left on my blog about my Mom. I know you can appreciate a good Mom, because you have a great one, too! I read all of your blogs and know that the two of you do some fun things together and it sounds like you have a wonderful time!!

I check you out daily and altho, I don't leave a note very often, I do admire you and all that raising three little boys entails!! They are so darling and say such cute things. Thank you for opening up your home to us--it just brings me a lot of pleasure to watch these little ones grow...and how you moms of multiples do such a great job of managing it all!

So know that I read your updates always and enjoy them so very much!