Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Pops!

All day Sunday (minus the 3 hour nap time) we spent at Nana and Pops house. Beginning with bringing Einstein Bagels over for breakfast and ending with a birthday dinner for my dad, it was a family packed day. Don and I snuck out to look at fabric for the boys room and stopped on a hunch at Circuit City to see if they happened to have any Wii's in stock. And they did!

Back at Nana and Pops house this evening, we were doing a celebration of Pop's birthday that passed a few days ago. After just celebrating little Leigha's birthday a couple weeks ago, the boys had a better understanding of birthday's, cake and singing and were very excited about celebrating Pop's with him.

All three of them kept saying "happy day, pops during dinner and again during desert. I bet Pop's never has felt so much love on his special day before! When it was time for cake, Wyatt tried to touch the candles and Jaxon had the biggest smile on his face during the singing. Luke was thrilled to help blow the candles out.

Tonight Aunt Leigha popped in to say hello. While she was here, we introduced the boys to playing baseball on the wii. They all have their own mii's Don and I made up for them while we were catching our breath :). They are baseball pros and Wyatt -being the gadget man he is- loved being allowed to play with the remote. They actually won their baseball game!

Now, I am off to go play some tennis with Don.


Annie said...

Woo hoo! Wii!!! I was already looking forward to my trip to Vegas for the loving company of my family and the beautiful weather but add in Wii and you might never get me to leave!!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!

The Murray Crew said...

You're blog makes me look forward to great days with my boys....I LOVED the Hug post! Just precious!

Mama to Quad Boys
Henry, Isaac, Brooks, and Clark