Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Productive day

In the past 12 hours, Don and I have painted 2 walls -one of which is 2 stories high- and made (with my mom's help) new curtains for our dining area. The painting was begun and completed while the boys were napping. When they went to bed, we had 2 orange walls. Now they are a very neutral cream color. When they woke up they were mystified about the missing orange walls. "Where'd orange go?" We heard it all night and during dinner, too "Orange wall go?".

Tonight after the boys went to bed, Don and I finished the curtains (put the grommets on, finished the seams, etc) and hung the new curtain rod up. We now have two major things off our to do list. I finally feel like I can start concentrating on the boys bedroom and get their quilts started.

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Anonymous said...


Things look absolutely wonderful in your house! You, Don and your Mom are doing a great job! Keep sending the pictures!

Love to you all!