Thursday, March 06, 2008

New things a-happening

Since the new big boys beds are sitting in our garage and I am getting the vibe that it is time NOW to potty train, we have decided to change the boys room. Currently, they are all crib tented up and their room is blacked out to preserve the sacred 3 hour nap time every day. But once they start potty training, I want them to be able to get up and out of their beds to go to the bathroom when needed.

My mom and I spent just about 3 hours at the fabric store yesterday picking out the fabrics for the boys bedding. Finally I decided on colors a bit more sedate than what they have now, but still fun and colorful. I am really excited to get started, and trying to forget there are a dozen other things that need to be done now, too (clean the garage, make the dining room curtains from the fabric we purchased last month, organize things for the MOM garage sale, etc) but this has to take priority because of the time crunch on potty training. I just feel like I am losing my window of opportunity if I don't jump on it now. There is an underlying fear that if I wait too long, the kids will start to not mind the dirty diapers and turn against me.

We have had a busy week, lots of running around and keeping busy. My favorite thing from this week has got to be the boys singing along in the car with the radio. Sometimes I turn the radio up pretty loud to drown out all the whining. Then I pretend to get really into the music, dancing in my seat and singing along with the music while telling the boys to dance. Jaxon totally gets into it. His little arms start waving all over the place (freaking Lucas out because he is afraid Jax will hit him with those wild arms) and Wyatt will shake his head all over, banging it into the car seat, but laughing like a wild man. Then they will sing the last word they heard. The other night it was "Groove is in the heart" and the three of them would sing the word "heart" out as long as she does in the chorus. Even after we were home, we were singing it and it was so loud and obnoxious that the dog started howling. I am sure the neighbors were wondering what the heck, but it was a good time for us. :)

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