Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wyatt Breaks Out

As I am sitting here on the computer, I hear a noise behind me. I know immediately what the noise is and go straight to the boys bedroom door just as it slowly and quietly closes. I squat down on the floor and wait for the little face. Sure enough, the door slowly opens and Wyatt is looking right at me. "Hi, Mom" he quietly says. I tell him "Wyatt, this means we need to zip you up for now on". Then he slowly closes the door again.

I open it to find him climbing up to Jaxon's crib "Hey G-ax". Once he sees me he scrambles to get under Luke's crib while giggling like a mad man.

Now he and Jaxon are zipped in their crib tents. Wyatt is not a big fan, he is even a bit scared, I think. I am making an effort for the zip up not to be a punishment, but just the way it is.

They are still telling each other their sorrows and I am sure Luke has nodded off by now. All three are still sick and I was lucky enough to get two appointments back to back at the Dr's office this afternoon. When I told them I had three that needed to come, they answered my prayers by telling me to bring in all three. Whoo hoo! I would have loved to do that anyway, but would have felt sneaky and rude trying it.

My mom saved me by coming over this morning. She has so much on her plate right now between Leigha in the hospital, watching Rea and trying to help me all in the same day. Not to mention the excitement and cleaning her house for family that is coming in town this week. Hopefully I can take the selfish-less that she is showing this past week and use it as an example when I really need to draw on some strength. We love you Mom and really appreciate all you do!


laraine said...

Hi Laura - Its great that you got all 3 of them in to the Dr. together. It's so much easier making one trip. I've never had a problem getting my 2 in at the same time. I hope there's nothing serious going on and that they are on the road to recovery soon.

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laura said...

Oh that's so funny! Poor Wyatt for having to be "zipped up"
Such a smart idea for keeping kids in bed! Sounds like he didn't protest too much--your guys sound like they're pretty nice fellas. :)