Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday Catch up

The boys loved their Christmas presents! We didn't open our presents until the evening of the 26th, there just didn't seem to be enough time. We had gotten the boys some Leap Frog activity centers, matchboxes and more instruments. They fuss about who plays with what, but it is all starting to even out now.

A couple days later, we got another package in the mail from Don's parents. They boys loved having "more presents" and Lucas couldn't wait to tear into them. His favorite phrase lately is "help me". Not in a nice way, mind you, but in a little man demanding voice. For a child who has been so easy and low maintenance, he sure is making up for it now. I think he is so used to doing his own thing (since he has always been fairly good and not needed much redirection) that now when he is doing things that need redirection, he is not sure why I am trying to clout any authority over him. It is an adjustment we are working on. He is head strong like me, so I know butting heads is futile. But I am the Mom and "I said so". LOL

Grandma Vicky and Poppa Don got them a couple of cute Little People sets that the boys really enjoy imagining with. When it was time to go to bed, we told the boys the little people were tired, so Wyatt lined them all up on the couch lying down and ready to sleep. Such a sweet guy! They also received tee shirts that say "I'm your Huckleberry" -a well known phrase any Tombstone fans will know.

After the boys went to bed last night, Don had a chance to set up a huge track my Mom and Dad got the boys. It is five stories high and thankfully doesn't take up much floor space. I wish I would've gotten their reaction on video. Their little eyes popped open and it was so hard to get them to go eat. Luke told me, "No hungry!" Jax said, "No eat!" However, Wyatt sat at the table with his bib on, ready for his food!

The toys most sought after seem to be the ones from Aunt Leigha. There are three CAT trucks that loudly say, "Caterpillar!" and make engine noises. Since there are three different trucks, the boys sometimes fight over which one they want, but are usually pacified after a few minutes of trading them back and forth. They definitely love the trucks though!

They are thrilled with the toys they have and I think it is unlikely that they will forget what a present is now!

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