Friday, January 11, 2008

Feel Better Friday

Today I woke up and felt better. Suddenly I had a kick in my step and I was feeling the need to be productive. Just as the boys were eating breakfast, I heard the garbage truck! Joy of all joys for the boys! They scrambled out of their chairs at the breakfast table and ran to the door for a peek at their buddies and the huge garbage truck.

Since we were outside, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to start taking down the Christmas decorations that were still up. Wyatt looked like Michael Jackson's child all covered up with his little hoodie up and his big, dark shades covering his little face. The boys all had some match box cars and were happy driving them around on our tiny rock ridden front yard while I unplugged all the extension cords and wound them up.

About an hour later we all went back into the house, feeling so refreshed by the fresh air and sunshine. Next was lunchtime and naps, yee-haw!

Tonight, everything is seeming to go back downhill. Jaxon has been in a fantastic little mood all night, but I can feel the rustling in his chest when he breathes. Wyatt is stuck like glue to Don or I and poor little Luke was so tired he would just lie on the floor with his blanket. Both Wyatt and Luke are still coughing badly and Don is starting to be affected by the cootie, too. Making matters worse, I feel the rustle in my chest and can not shake it. Even after using a dose of the nebulizer and coughing as much as possible to loosen it- it is staying put. So late tonight, when we are working on the living room, I will have to desert him to go to the 24 hour Quick Care we have brought the boys to a million times before. Hopefully they can give me something to knock this right out and we can have a fresh start on Monday.


The Brookharts said...

Hang in there Laura! Wow! We're in the same boat right now...trying to make a small house bigger while taking care of a lot of sick kids. We just got rid of all the broncial stuff. Looks like we're headed into Round 2: The Stomach Bugs. It's always good to hear from you and catch up on your blog. Life's been crazy these days!

laura said...

Those tough-to-shake coughs are the worst! Hang in can't last forever, can it?