Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hugs make you feel better

We have been getting back to our normal life this past week. Everyone is feeling so much better and appetites are up, we have taken a few trips out the the grocery stores/Costco, etc. At Costco, Don took Jax to order a pizza while I kept the other two with me. After about 5 minutes, I see Don and Jax catch up to us and Jax got so excited to see us again. He screeched a little and just ran up to his brothers giving big hugs, all three hugging at the same time has to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Now I know what people meant by them getting love from each other as well as from the adults in their life.

Last night we ran to Target before dinner so Don could grab a video game. 99% of the time, we let the boys walk in the store. Usually it is without an problems, but little by little they are getting a bit more stubborn about leaving the toy sections. Last time we had all three sitting in a temper right outside the toy aisle. They just didn't think they were ready to leave yet. We just let them ride the crying out, we knew there was no use trying to argue and demand they get up now. Don and I just kinda nervously laughed a bit and after a minute knelt down to give them a hug and pick them up. They quickly got over it when we distracted them with the colors in the store, but had we been angry about it, it would've only gone down hill very fast.

Today we had plans to go to the mountains and show the boys some snow, but we have misplaced our winter gear and had to have a change of plans. Instead we told the boys we would go to the playground. Jax kept telling us he wanted to go to Home Depot, but when we gave him the choice of Home Depot or the playground he would choose the playground again.

All three were thrilled to be back at the park! They wanted to try all their favorite things, the see-saw, the stagecoach, they even climbed up the rocks for the first time! It was great to see all three of them feeling so much better, even Wyatt did not cough after running up and down the grassy hills.

Jaxon is a hoot to watch run. He likes to run very free form. Sometimes kicking his feet out to the sides behind him, sometimes holding his arms up to his chest like a little chicken, laughing like a maniac from the freedom he feels. When he runs down the hills, he has this huge smile that is so contagious to anyone close by. That kid has such a beautiful spirit. You can not help but be touched by him.

Here is a quick video, enjoy!

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