Friday, January 18, 2008

Guitar Hero

My cousins Anne and Katie are in town this week. They are so awesome that we don't mind they brought the cold with them from Buffalo. The boys are still a bit off, but have really warmed up to them. Luke remembered Annie from last time and RAN into her arms after only a few minutes. Jaxon and Wyatt have managed to charm both of the girls, even though they have been whiny and very argumentative.

Last night after we went for our crepes, Anne, Katie and I went to meet Leigha and TJ up at a casino for Bingo. None of us won but we had a pretty good time. Leigha is feeling better and goes in for a stone removal and a smaller shunt this week.

After bingo, we came home and finally took Don's Guitar Hero (80's version!) out of the box. He had gotten it for Christmas and with all of the living room work we had going on, we hadn't the opportunity to open it yet. Don and I tried the tutorial and Annie was so patient and encouraging to us while we learned it. Finally we put it on game mode, albeit on the easy level and rocked out. Don left us at about 11 and Annie and I stayed up until midnight beating the first level.

Tonight I will have to take a video of Don's dance moves while he plays. We are planning on a guitar hero tournament of sorts, so I am thinking we have a fun night ahead of us!

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Annie in Houston said...

Hey Laura! Wow! Your boys are getting sooo big! Glad to see ya'll are doing so well. Just wanted to drop ya a line to say hello! Take Care!