Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can't catch me

The ginger bread house box has been taunting the children since they first laid eyes on it. All that pretty candy just waiting for their little fingers. I have kept it on the stairs so it would be out of their reach, until tonight.

Don and I decided this would be the night our ginger bread house would be built. The boys' eyes got so big as we emptied to contents out on the table. They loved "helping" Don knead the icing so we could glue the walls together. All their help nearly drove us insane and we were thankful for the fifteen minute break required to let the walls set into place.

After much wrestling (which began with Lucas trying to pull Jaxon down by hugging him) the timer went off. Don and I tried to sneak into the kitchen and get as much done as we could before the boys noticed - but they found us. All attempts to keep their hands from grabbing at the candy were futile, so we caved in and let them put the candy on the roof. And in their mouth.

Eventually the house was finished and the gingerbread men were either fully eaten or laying on the table decapitated. After a little bit more time letting the house settle (aka getting ticked off the kids just wouldn't let Don and I make a pretty house so we called it quits) we bribed the boys (with the forbidden candy) to sit nicely for a picture with the ginger bread house.


Teresa said...

I didn't know why I couldn't see your blog the last few weeks. Now I have your new address. I love the new page...very CUTE!

The boys are just entirely too cute and grown up looking. I can't believe how pretty your gingerbread house turned out. Ours is usually pretty bad because everyone gets tired of it by the time we're through.

Have a Merry Christmas if I don't hear from you before then.

loren said...

Oh, the gingerbread carnage!!!

How funny - I bet they'll look back someday with fondness on that little gingerbread house!