Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 3 Wise Men

We ready for Christmas! Gifts are wrapped and packages have been sent out, cards are long gone and it is nice and crisp out side. Since their birthdays were over 6 months ago, the boys have no recollection of things being inside of the wrapped presents. Nothing has been opened or disturbed, yet. They still love when we drive around and look at Christmas lights.

We are still thinking about potty training. Luke and Jax sometimes tell us when they need to go, but we are not really making an effort yet. Lucas and Jaxon have even pooped on the potty, but Wyatt has no luck even peeing there. It is not for lack of trying. The kid will sit on the pot for 10 minutes reading his little Archie books, with no results. No rush or pressure though. We feel like we are on the right track, just slowly.

Wyatt fell down the stairs at my mom's the other day. Luckily he wasn't hurt at all. No bumps or bruises. I think he was just the right size where he just rolled like a little hot dog instead of going the more painful route of tumbling head over heels. Don and I were more bothered by it than him, which is a good thing in my book. Wyatt loves being my little helper, whether helping me unload the dishwasher or handing me the clothes that are in the dryer. He tells me which colors the clothes are and who they belong to.

Jaxon is crazy. This kid laughs like a little maniac at nothing in particular. Something as simple as saying "h-h" has him cackling in the backseat. He is my little lovey lately, his arms spread open wide and asking for a "hug". Jaxon loves to give kisses and he will actually grunt with the effort of giving us a big hug. He is a wonderful little person with such a big heart.

Lucas is a busy boy. He has started growing very fond of his "Pops" (my dad) and loves to show off for him. Lucas seems to be the man with a plan -always on the go, knowing what he wants and where to get it. "Come on" has been his phrase of choice. He uses it when a slow car is in front of us, "Come on, car", or when he is trying to get his brothers to come down the stairs with him "come on, Gee-ax". When we get their clothes out for the day, we have realized it is wise to ask Lucas first. He definitely has an opinion about what color he wants to wear.

They all love to play Ring around the Rosie. All of them sing Jingle Bells and freeze if they even think they hear a jingle jangling. Their little minds are working so fast and they are using many different phrases. If we ask them a question, they are still answering it by repeating the question, instead of an answer. They all do it at the same time, so we get a triplicate echo of ourselves.

I can't wait to see their excitement once they realize there are things inside the wrapping under the tree!

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