Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gift of Lights

I forgot to note that Wednesday night Nana treated us to the Gift of Lights. It is where you stay in your car and drive by/through hundreds of light displays. The boys absolutely loved it and I don't remember hearing anything but delighted gasps and hushed wows the whole way through.
Even though it was about 15 minutes long, the boys were still asking for more when we drove out, only to be pacified by hearing we would see lights and Baby Jesus at home.

Tonight, Leigha and her boyfriend TJ took us to The Magical Forest. The night air was cold, but it barely seemed to bother the boys. They love any excuse to wear their little gloves. We walked all the way through the enchanted forest of what seemed like hundreds of decorated trees and little buildings where elves, bears and snowmen were busy inside.

After all that walking (and maze running!) the boys gobbled down on the three funnel cakes we bought. They watched the train go around the track a few more times and played in the police car by the exit before we packed in for the night. The ride home was loud with all three trying to top each other as Wyatt sang the ABC's, Jaxon counted and Lucas was singing "we will rock you". Finally we got home, let them run off the sugar high, and put them to bed. Expecting them to be giggling for quite a while, we were surprised not to hear a single peep out of them once their door was closed.

They must have had visions of funnel cakes dancing in their heads :)


Annie said...

The boys love wearing their gloves, huh? I guess that means they need to make a winter trip to visit their family in Buffalo!!! ;)

Jenn said...

Love, love, love the pictures, and stories.
Gloves, ahhhh, yes, Annie is so right, Buffalo winter's will definately bring upon a lot of glove wearing!
Love you tons!