Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quick update

Luke is feeling much better now. The last couple weeks he has been waking his brothers up with his coughing - I mean waking himself up with his coughing and then waking up his brothers. "Hey G-ax! Wy Wy!" The past few days he has been sleeping better, much better. On Thursday morning they slept until 8:30ish (usually they get up at a quarter to 8), Friday morning I woke them at 9:20. Today they had an all time high when Don woke them up at 9:45! Maybe the cold air helps them sleep better.

I have been tooting along on my December album. Some days there is nothing to scrap (which makes for a nice break), but I am enjoying myself and seem to work better with the pressure of having to finish it the same day it is started.

Aunt Leigha surprised us this past week at totnastics. The boys (and us) loved having her be a part of it and now they think they see her everywhere.

Today we met Cathy at Sam's club and we decided to let the boys walk (run) the whole time. There were instances where we would have to put one or more back into the cart for a few minutes, but for the most part they behaved pretty well. They are such good boys, if only they would keep their shoes and socks on in the car -we would be set.

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