Thursday, December 06, 2007

Photo Frenzy

I brought Luke to the Dr's to get him checked out. The last straw was at dinner Monday night when the poor little guy coughed so hard his eyes got puffy and swollen. We decided enough was enough -he wasn't getting any better on his own- so I brought him to the Dr on Tuesday morning. The Dr checked his pulse/ox, listened to his chest and then she diagnosed him with bronchiolitis. He is on a pill steroid for the rest of this week and being nebulized 3 times a day. His cough has certainly lessened, but his little nose keeps bleeding. I think his body is having a hard time adjusting to the dry cold outside and the dry warm in the house. Luke is a trooper though, and if you didn't already know he was sick -you would never guess.

The other night we went to my parents to take pictures for our Christmas cards. This has got to be the most behind I have ever been on cards. Usually I have envelopes written out in November at the latest. But the kids are slowing me down and I am just getting started on pictures, with Christmas cards not even on my horizon yet.

Our attempt at the Christmas photo was pretty stressful. Being I used to work in the photography business and take thousands of family Christmas pictures, I have an idea in my head what look we are trying to achieve. hahahahah This year we didn't even come close. Don and I only freaked out about 10 total. Yes, I will shamefully admit we were those parents who won't grasp that your children won't smile at you if you are hissing through your teeth at them about how they need to "look at the camera NOW". Even with that fun atmosphere, we managed to get a few pictures where everyone's eyes are in the same direction, so at least we don't have to try it a second time. Hopefully the boys aren't as traumatized as the parents were.

I have finished my December third page. You can check it out here.


laraine said...

Laura - I brought both boys back to the Dr. as well. Dr. D. said they both have bronchitis as well. We have the steroids and antibiotics, and the lovely nebulizer going at this house too.

Gosh - for your Christmas pic - I think you should use the photo of you and Don with the boys and Santa. Thats a great shot of you all. It would make a perfect x-max card photo!.

I tried for the x-mas photo this year and didn't come up with much. I ended up getting a cute photo of them with the puppy. That is our big photo on the card and I put a couple of small pics of our attempts at getting pictures with the christmas tree.

I'm actually printing my cards today!. This will be the first year I will actually get them in the mail before Dec 20th :-). I basically came up with a card, said it's good enough - changed it one more time said it was good enough again and now I'm printing them so its final!

Laura said...

I can't believe you are able to print them at home!

Originally, I had a picture in mind, but we did end up doing a family shot... butyou are right, for all that trouble, the Santa one would have been fine :) Hind sight is 20-20 and all :)

If you don't mind, I would love to see your card if you will email it to me. I need some inspiration of the layout and I know you are savvy when it comes to these things. I hope your boys feel better soon,too!

laraine said...


I sent you an e-mail - hopefully I had the correct address. In case I didn't, here is a link to the 2 cards I came up with this year. The one with the lighter background is the one I ended up using. The other one looked a little to busy for me. I was lazy this year and took ideas from some of the cards posted on TC.

Jessica said...

Hey Laura,
I hear you on being insanely behind on the christmas cards this year. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it really... You know I saw your photo of the family with Santa, and that picture is fantabulous, you should TOTALLY use that for your Christmas cards!! :) And congrats on having THREE kids NOT screaming on Santa's lap, what an accomplishment!! Yay You! Also, I really hope Luke is feeling better soon... We too have been under the weather, but not with coughs... I feel for you!! Happy Holidays Laura!