Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eating Out

Since the boys have been little, we have tried to get out of the house on weekends. This running around and being out of the house ends up with us eating at a restaurant a couple times a week. Usually we would pick a place with a patio or back room for seating. We had three babies and didn't want to disturb people eating -or worse yet, have them disturb us while we were trying to take care of the boys. Slowly but surely, the boys have shed their bibs and chairs at the restaurants and have become well mannered little people.

Last night we took the boys to Kings Fish house for dinner. It is the first time we have taken the boys there, Don and I have been there on "date nights" though. The last time we were there, the pile of highchairs made us think to bring the boys. They have fantastic child menus. Pages of coloring, tattoos, 5 crayons each -not to mention the cups they serve the kids meals in. Good sippy cups with tops that snap on and bendy straws that change color when the cold drink goes up. All little things, I know. They added up to a dinner where the kids were absolutely the best they have ever been.

The boys love when Don and I share our salads with them. Usually we just take turns giving forkfuls to everyone, but yesterday I just placed the salad on their plates and they ate it with their little red plastic fish fork. Jaxon (loudly) thanked the server anytime she was at the table, and they all loved the popcorn shrimp. All three ask for and use their napkins -and if they spill any water, they will grab their napkins to clean it up.

We were really proud of them and are very impressed with how well they eat when we are out. However, Don did tell me that the other night while I was at my MOM meeting, Wyatt was trying to put his macaroni and cheese noodles up his nose. Thankfully he was laughing so hard, he wasn't successful. I guess it is a work in progress.

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