Saturday, December 15, 2007

So much to do

The past few days I have been out of commission with a bit of vertigo. Luckily I had some meds left over from last time (Feb of 2006) and although they are expired, the pharmacist said they would still work, but just be less effective. But she understood my plight of being at home with three two year olds and gave me her blessing to take my left overs. Everything seems much better now, although it is definitely not gone. YUCK.

Last night we went out to run some errands. Necessities like milk, eggs, diapers and wipes were getting low. Since it was almost dinner time, we stopped at Macaroni Grill to eat. The boys did awesome! People kept coming by to tell us how well behaved they were. One even confessed that her son (who looked to be about 13) said they would have to hurry and eat to get out of there when he saw them setting up a table with three high chairs right across from their booth. But the boys impressed them and they were pleased. I remember those days of wanting to sit in the "quiet" sections of restaurants, so the whole thing cracked me up a bit.

A few random things...
There was a woman dressed in a scantily clad Santa outfit singing Christmas carols in an opera like voice. When she walked by Jaxon said "ho, ho!" (how he says Santa).

As I mentioned last week, we have a nativity scene in front of our house, complete with Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Last night at the restaurant a baby started crying. One of the boys gasp, "baby. Bee-bee Jee-bee" (Baby Jesus)

Luke loves to tell people to "come on." "Come-on, Je-ax", "come-on truck", "come-on Dad-doo". His words are coming out pretty clear and concise. We don't usually have to try to figure out what he is saying.

When they had ice cream last night, they all did a fantastic job of being fairly neat. All three barely needed any help from Don and I with their gigantic spoons and very big helping of ice cream.

After dinner, we went over to Costco to get the things we needed. We let all three walk with the shopping cart and they did a pretty good job. They want to touch everything and open every door in the freezer aisle (x three!), so it really slows us down. We are trying to put a stop to that by putting them back in the cart when they stray too far. Lately their time outs have been until they count to ten, so their counting has improved immensely.

Hopefully my balance will get back to normal soon. I keep saying I will go to the Dr to get the vertigo checked out but using precious nap time for anything other than resting of some sort does not appeal to me. Maybe I can even get our Christmas cards done today!

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