Monday, December 03, 2007

Santa Baby

Yesterday we took the boys to go visit Santa again. We just wanted to go visit the big man. Our thought process was that maybe it would be possible to get them used to seeing Santa, so maybe we could get a half decent picture of them with Santa. Low and behold, yesterday was the day they warmed up to Santa Claus!

First we took them to the adjoined play area to run off their energy. Then we headed over to wait in line where Santa was scheduled to show up any minute. After waiting outside his little cabin for about 20 minutes, it was finally our turn to go inside and say hello. The boys were a bit hesitant at first, but I sat next to Santa Claus on the seat and just talked with him. Then Don sat on the other side of Santa, we quickly gathered up the boys and told them to look at the nice camera lady. Voila! We got ourselves a picture!

As you can tell from my post the other day, Don and I have begun putting our Christmas decorations up. We built a manger for our huge nativity scene. A few years ago, it worried us that some sort of vandalism would happen to our expensive set up. Now we have to worry about our boys happening to it. The manger is built and waiting for hay, but should be completed fairly soon.

Luke's cough is still lingering. It seems to be more so when he is in bed than any other time, and it has not been slowed by any medicine yet. We just thought to put up the cool mist humidifier a couple days ago and the nurse at my pediatrician office gave me the go ahead for some Chloraseptic. Hopefully this will be the key for him. If not, off to the Dr we go!


laraine said...


That picture with Santa is gorgeous!!. You all look so good and everyone has such a nice smile.

I hope Luke feels better soon. Charlie and Brian have both had a lingering cough probably going on a month for Charlie. I'm ready to take him back to the Dr. again just to check it out. I hope little Luke feels better soon.

Laura said...

Laraine, I took him today and she put him on a five day steriod and the nebulizer 3 times a day. Seems to be bronchitis. Thankfully I finally brought him in before it got even worse!