Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday Fun with Cousins

We had such a great Saturday! The boys' cousins (Michael, Cathryn and Matthew) are in town and we have been having lots of together time! It was the boys' first time feeding the birds there and the weather was perfect! We took some pictures after feeding the ducks and geese, then went over to the playground area to eat lunch and let all six of them get their energy out. There is such a difference in what they are able to do since we went to this park a few months ago!

Jaxon has been feeling a little under the weather, but the fresh air seemed to do the trick for him! He was climbing and exploring just like his brothers. He and Lucas loved to run after the pigeons and chase them off. After lunch the kids played a bit more, except Wyatt came back to the blanket and wanted to eat everyone's left overs. He ended up with Cathryn's shake and whatever food he could pile into his mouth.

By nap time it was time to go home and put the boys down for a nap. We ended up with some great pictures of the day!


The Brookharts said...

Just was reading your blog. I especially love "A Few of My Favorite Things". You have a precious family.


Michele S said...

I love the cousin photos! I bet they just loved having their cousins here. I have to tell you that the boys look so much older to me. They just don't look like babies anymore at all...sniff..sniff.