Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Organize, organize, organize. I feel like it is all I have been doing lately. Since I decided to scrapbook, I thought it would easier to begin scrapping about when the boys were born. So I have gotten out thousands of pictures (which I have always made sure we wrote the info on the back, thank goodness!) and am putting them in order. Even though I felt we were *pretty* organized before hand, actually putting them into the albums is a whole new ball game.

On top of having the actual pictures in hand, I am going through our "old" computer to transfer any pictures that I may have forgotten about in the past year. And we can't forget about all the discs I have the pictures on. Making sure they are all accounted for, then making labels and finding a book to put all of them in.
All of this, just so I can start to scrapbook.

In other organization... the other day my mom and I took picture of most of the boys clothes they have outgrown. I put the "triplicate" clothing for sale on a multiple website, for other triplet boys families to buy. They have flown right out of here and I have managed to make some money in the process. Woo Hoo!

So organization is a good thing when you don't have to buy tons of stuff to do it in a half way presentable way. Now, if we could just get motivated to vacuum our jeep out. I swear the boys drop their food on purpose so they could just reach around for a little cheerio or french fry when they are hungry.

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The Grubb Family said...

Most scrappers will tell you start scrapping your most recent pics, the past month or two then whenever you have time go back and do the past. It's easier to journal about things that just happened. See it as it's better you start now than 5 years from now. You aren't that far behind really! I promise you, if you do current stuff and just work on the past slowly when you have all your current stuff done it will be much easier.