Friday, February 09, 2007

A Few of my Favorite Things..

* Hearing them laugh over the baby monitor

* Going in to check on them when they are sleeping

* How Luke looks at ears for earrings with such a curious face

* Driving on the freeway and all three sing "ahhhhh" to listen to their little voices vibrate over the bumps in the road.

* The way they find such joy in running up and down the tiny hill in the front of my parents house.

* Having all three sit with me to read a book

* To see them dance to a commercial jingle

* Baby soft skin and fresh baby smells after bath time

* When they walk backwards to come sit on our laps

* Watching them kiss each other and us

* Seeing them holding hands in the backseat


Laraine said...

Laura - that is the sweetest picture I have seen in a long time!. Perfect for the scrapbook!

Brooklyn said...

That was sooooo sweet! You need to write that all down in your kids scrapbooks for them to read some day. They will love hearing that from their mommy! :)