Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jackets, Moons and Water, oh my!

So many little things are happening! None are huge milestones, but they add up quickly and show us that our babies are growing and learning more everyday.

The first thing that caught our attention this afternoon was when we were putting jackets on the boys. Instead of making us do 100% of the work, we only had to hold the jackets up and zip them after the boys had shimmied their arms in the sleeves themselves.

The second surprise happened while we were outside. Jaxon saw a little sliver of the moon and kept looking up at it. I told him that it was the moon. "Moon?" he repeated, clear and perfect in his little questioning voice. As I mentioned before, Jaxon "talks" all the time, but I think this was his first clear word.

The third eye catcher was while the boys were eating a snack at their picnic table. Wyatt had a full mouth of food and I told him to take a drink of water. As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard Lucas repeat me, "wah-der". 2 new words in one day!

The boys love to "help" us get things done. Wyatt loves to help me load clothes into the drier. I just take the clothes out of the washing machine and drop them on the open drier door and Wyatt pushes the clothes all the way into the drier - and then even closes the drier door when we are done. Lucas and Jaxon love to help Don get the milk sippies at bed time. He will open the refrigerator door and put the milk cups where his helper can reach them. One by one the helper takes a cup and drops it to the other side of the gate where his brothers are waiting. Finally, when the helper has his own cup, he'll push the fridge door shut and go join his brothers in the living room. This is one of their favorite things to do, and they get so excited when it is their turn to help with the milk sippies.

New sounds, more attempts at saying and repeating words, and their insatiable appetite for learning more amaze me everyday. They have always been affectionate, but now they yell, "momma" when I come down the stairs and they are getting so much better at returning the toys they just took from each other. That's not to say fighting has gotten better -we are still struggling with biting and hair pulling- but they are starting to show more empathy and we can tell they sometimes *try* to choose the right thing to do. They are such sweet boys and everything new they learn just gives us one more reason to fall in love with them.

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Michele S said...

That's great Laura! They are getting to be big boys! I love that he said, "Moon". That's cute.

You know how Austin's been "participating" in the homeschooling with the other three? Tonight Greg's mom asked him what each shape was and he could point to each one accurately. He doesn't talk but he knows his shapes!!! Go figure!
At least I know that even if he turns out mute, he's pretty smart!

But the fighting...the fighting just turns into arguing. Sigh..........