Monday, February 26, 2007

Finally in the Big Tub!

Until last week, we have been happily squeezing the boys into the kitchen sink for their baths. It had worked perfectly for us, our backs weren't aching and we had a little system that would get all three bathed, lotioned, and dressed in less than 30 minutes. Not to mention I have some memories of horror stories of bathing triplets in the tub at the same time and was not looking forward to the chaos that I was sure would happen here. Especially since we have busy little boys, and busy boys always seem to find trouble.

Trouble for us was when they learned how to turn the sink water on and off, as well as learning how fast Mommy would jump when they poured water out of the sink on to the counters and floors. We knew it was time to upsize to the real deal. Time for the big tub!

Turns out, the big bath was not what I feared at all. All three of them seem to love it so far. Luke is very attached to the foam letters that stick to the bath walls, Wyatt likes to drink the water, and Jaxon is a splashing maniac! They love the bath tub so much, it has gone from a half-hour-rush-to-get-it-done, to they-are-being-so-good-let-them-stay-in-longer.

Here are some videos of last night's bath. First is Wyatt bending over to stick his face in the water for a drink.

Here is a peek at what 40 seconds of bath time is like for us.


Annie said...

Awww, I love it girl! They are sooo cute and growing up way too fast.

Erickson 5 said...

I love bath time with our three because it is fun to watch them in the water. However, it is hard on my back and teh bathroom always seems to get all wet but so much fun to watch them "swim" around!

Side by Side said...

I waited to put my twins in the tub until they were over a year old also. lol

Very cute little boys you have.