Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Family Valentine

Is it me, or do holidays just get better and better when you have children around to share it with?

Don and I aren't in to big presents for holidays. We know how much we mean to one another. There are regularly flowers in the house and "I love you's" are said and shown many times daily. As corny as it sounds, we really just like to enjoy each other on the holidays, no presents needed.

With all that being said, Don still got me flowers and a box of chocolates- not to mention a beautiful card for Valentines day. He spoils me, I know. =) When he got home from work, we were debating about going out for dinner. When I grabbed the phone to call a nearby buffet about pricing, the phone rang with my mom on the other end. She was on her way over to our house with my niece and nephew in the car. They were just killing time until they were to meet my dad at Olive Garden. Olive Garden, mmmmmmm.

We had a table for 10, full with 4 adults and 6 children. Leigha was even able to stop by for a few minutes to say hello on her way out for a Valentine date. It was a great family dinner with Cathryn and Matthew trying to "teach" my dad the alphabet and the boys eating more than their share of penne pasta with alfredo sauce and endless salad. It was their first time really using plates and forks for their full meal in public and they did such a great job! The whole scene felt like an Olive Garden commercial with all the laughing and warm fuzzy moments.

After having the best birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and now the best Valentine's Day -all in just the past few months- I have to wonder if it is just the presence of the kids (all 6 of them this time) that make the holidays so much more fun.

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Yes!! Children DO make life better, holidays included!!!

It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day ... although, reading this - I truly wished we could join our family for dinner at the Olive Garden (ohhhh, breadsticks...!) It would be so nice to be close to family!!