Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All about Wyatt

Da-da, Momma, Na-na, Pa-pa, Da-da, Momma....
These are Wyatt's words. Sometimes he is looking at pictures in a frame hanging in the living room and he is naming them off. Other times he is strapped into his car seat looking out the car window and we will just hear his little voice reciting the people he knows, "Da-da, Momma, Na-na, Pa-pa....

Wyatt is usually a quiet baby, although quiet doesn't describe his personality! He's a lover, a mover and other times he is rough and tough and just plain scrappy. One of his favorite things is to wear his baseball cap and pull it down all the way over his face while trying to maneuver around the living room. We hold our breath, hoping he won't walk into anyone and then we rush to move all the little toys he may trip over. When he's done, his big blue eyes peep out from under his cap and he laughs because he made it, and then he pulls his hat down over his eyes to try it again.

Wyatt's such a loving baby! From when he was as young as 7 months old, we've gotten pictures and videos of him loving on his brothers, drowning them in kisses full of saliva. These days, if he sees us laying on our stomachs, up on our elbows, he'll walk right up and lay down by our heads to be kissed on. He always fits right into our arms, he's so compact and his little body is so flexible. He has perfected the hug with his little arms holding tight, he finds the perfect shoulder spot to put his head on and melts right into our body. When his brothers are upset, he comforts them by patting their backs or rubbing their hair with his little hands. And as of today, he still loves to lay on his brothers and kiss them.

Wyatt's got great rhythm! When I was pregnant, I could feel his little fingers tapping against me. Even now, I can look over when he is sitting on their little couch and his little fingers will all be tapping in order. The piano and little juke box toys are his favorite to play with. He has always had a beat to dance to, loves anything musical and will dance or bop his head to any rhythm. If a song is on the tv, he stops what he is doing to run and watch it.

Not many words come out of his mouth, but he says so much through all his actions, expressions and body language. Wyatt has many different laughs. He has a little quiet chuckle for when we tickle him, his mischievous laugh when he is in cahoots with his brothers, and he has his "imitating mom and dad laughing" laugh. He will throw back his head with a "Ah-HA, ha ha". Or in a blink of an eye, he will turn his little head and back away to give us a defiant, "I want it this way" look. Wyatt climbs like a monkey up and down the couches, always reaching over to touch beads on the lampshade. He is quick to push the limits and tries to duck his head down as soon as he knows he has been seen.
From Wyatt's beautiful blue eyes to his crooked belly button, he is gorgeous from the inside out. He has got such a gentle good natured personality and loves to laugh. We are so blessed to have such a perfect addition to our family!

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Cathy said...

Awww, how sweet! I love these typese of posts! I can't believe how much like Jaxon he is starting to look.