Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Train central

This is what the boys love. Anything Thomas the Train related. It is an addiction that started our with two 25 cent movies from a garage sale and has over taken our living room, their bedroom, and even their bubble bath brand.


a portland granny said...

Oh Wow! Thomas the Tank Engine has come a long ways! I bought the table and wooden tracks 14 years ago for my grandson, but these tracks would have thrilled him.

How wonderful to have that set and how nice that they enjoy it so much.
(I still have Thomas stuff in my toy closet for visiting children to play with)

Has the giant Thomas real train been to your area? If not, do watch for it, as the boys would go crazy over it....plus it is a wonderful photo op situation!!

a portland granny said...

I looked up the info on "A Day out with Thomas"

If you are interested, here it is: