Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hitting the Town

For our anniversary, we got a great gift from my Mom and Dad. It is called House Seats Las Vegas and with the membership they gave us, we get all sorts of free stuff. Haircuts, nails, massages, show tickets and more. FREE. The only catch is some of the haircuts or nails are only once a years at each establishment, and sometimes a show is limited to once a month for the same show. But that is more than fine with us!

We have seen Blue Man Group (whoo hoo!) and Frank Caliendo (he's got to be one of the best shows we have ever seen!)so far (as well as I have gotten a manicure-FREE! and Don got a haircut and shave-FREE!). One night Don and our neighbor went out to see Andrew Dice Clay. The shows have been fun and with Nana and Pops offering babysitting along with the present of House Seats, we are in heaven!

Somehow the pictures we take with the show people turn out like crap, but we figure maybe we will start a collection of crappy show people pictures. Say that five times fast :)

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