Thursday, October 15, 2009

Those Kids

The boys have never had a problem in school. They have been labeled as "exuberant" from their teacher last year and I took that as a compliment -but no troublesome issues. At least until today.

Today when I went to pick the boys up from preschool, Mrs Leslie had come over to quietly speak with me before releasing the boys from class. Apparently the child sitting next to Jaxon was doing his cutting exercises (cutting on a zig zag line) and had not stayed on the line. So Jaxon told him he was going to "beat him up".

Wyatt had to go to time out three times today. Twice for taking a toy from someone with out asking ("we need to work on our please and thank yous" Miss Leslie kindly put it), and once for knocking down a building of blocks other boys had built.

I know we are having issues with Wyatt doing these things at home as well, and have been trying to deal with it, but apparently, we need to work harder. When I talked to him in the car about it and let him know it was not nice, he cried and cried. He has a guilty conscious, that one. As far as Jaxon saying he was going to beat up this kid, he knows it was not nice and unacceptable. We do a lot of wrestling and trash talking in this house and I am sure that is where it came from. Beyond than telling him not to say that to a friend, I am not sure what else to do about it.

Other than "beat HIM up". I'm kidding of course :)

Part of me feels embarrassed that my kids are "those kids". But the bigger part of me wants to stand up and accept an award -because two out of three ain't bad.


laraine said...

Awww...thats such a cute picture of them in the car!.

How about doing some role playing with them. Play a game pretending that you are all in school. You and Don can be the other kids in class. When they don't respond appropriately to the other 'children' you can show them the right way to do it and have a do-over so they can try again!

NanaBeth said...

What a good idea!!

Michele S said...

If they get out of line today, I'll have Austin beat them down. :)