Monday, October 05, 2009

CA for the day

In planning our anniversary trip, Don and I started to get the guilts about making a weekend in CA for us when it didn't seem possible the boys could have another day at the beach before summer was over. Not much beach worthy weather was still going to be around, so we made plans for a last hurrah in California with the kids.

We left Friday afternoon when Don got home from work, and arrived in California with enough time for Chick Fil A at the park (yum!)for dinner. All day Saturday we spent at the beach and then came home Saturday night. The 9 hour round trip drive was so worth the one day of listening to the surf hitting the sand and the boys rediscovering the beach.

Trucks were the favorite toys and the buggy boards had begun to catch some attention from the kids as well. We would have them sit on the boards as if they were sleds and pull the kids through the surf. They couldn't hold on very long, but it was fun for all of us. We had a great day and we were so glad we went -even if it was only for the day.

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