Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Losses

Late September both Don and I had Grandmas who passed away. In the strangest twist, their funerals were both days within each other, and even though they lived in Nevada and Texas, they were to be buried in Illinois and Indiana. With the help of both our parents, Don and I took the kids on a 70+ hour car trip to say good bye to our Grandmothers.

First we went to Illinois for my Grandmothers funeral. Although the reason that lead us there was so sad, it was nice being gathered with so much family we haven't seen in years. All the Aunt and Uncles, cousins, and even my own brothers and sisters all in one place made the loss so much easier to bear.

After making the 30 hour drive to Illinois, we arrived late at night and ready to fall into bed. Here you can tell Jaxon was so thrilled to learn that even though we went all the way from Nevada to Illinois, Nana and Pops were in the room right next to us! And in the rooms past them were Leigha, Carl, Donny and more of our family.

Cousins were everywhere. The boys generation of cousins are 8 boys and one girl. The kids all had a good time playing together in the hotel pool (that had an echo like no other!) and running around between the hotel rooms. It is simply amazing to think that all of us came from the love that my Grandmother and Grandfather shared so many years ago.

After the service, we had a last meal with the entire family and most of us split ways the next day. All of my immediate family stayed intact, except Donny who had other family in the area he wanted to visit. Luckily we snapped a picture while we were all together. Next stop was the Pizza Palace.

I don't remember very much about my childhood, but I do remember that the Pizza Palace was a place my dad loved to go to about once a year. It was quite a drive from where we lived, and I never cared for the pizza much, but it was a family tradition to moan and groan about going. I guess with age comes appreciation for different foods, because this time I really enjoyed eating there!

After the Pizza Palace we walked around the college campus. I bet my dad never thought that one day he would return and walk the streets of campus with a few of his grandchildren! After spending enough time at the campus to make me fall in love with the seasons of the Midwest, it was time to get back on the road. We needed to be in Indiana to say good bye to Don's Grandmother as well.

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Annie said...

Awesome pictures! If only your brother would SMILE once in awhile...
(Love ya Carl!)