Thursday, March 22, 2007

Busy days

We have family back in town again and we have been having so much fun! Since the kids have been here this time, they have been taking advantage of the weather by swimming just about ever day at my parents' house. This past weekend we had a combined birthday party for Leigha (27) and Cathryn's (7th) birthdays. Afterwards, we took the boys into the jacuzzi part of the pool. They loved it! Wearing the suits we bought them last year (they still fit!) they just watched their older cousins playing in the "big pool" and ran along the seats of the jacuzzi. When it started getting late, we took them out, bathed them in the kitchen sink and headed home.

Yesterday we took all the kids to the park over by my moms house. Again, they amazed me by all they can do by themselves compared to last time. They ran right to the steps to climb up and would go down the slide and repeat all over again. All of them played on the swings and Jaxon actually signed "all done" to me when he had enough swinging. They have all done sign language for a while, but this is the first time that he signed to me first and that the concept of "all done" has been used with something other than food. When we left the park, Lucas looked over at the pigeons walking around and said "bye birds, bye-bye". Which reminds me... the other night after we left the grocery store, the boys were standing in the driveway telling the moon goodnight, saying "bye ba-noon". They obviously associate the moon with balloons, but it was the first time I noticed them putting words together.

Don took the day off today and we were passing back and forth ideas of what to do with our day. Go look at houses in Logandale? Mesquite? Take the kids to a park? Finally, we came up with a plan of taking Michael out for a trip to Red Rock and then run to Costco. At Red Rock, we just stayed around the area of the Visitors Center and looked for the Desert Tortoises. Just as we were leaving, one of the tortoises finally poked his head out! Jaxon, Wyatt and Lucas loved running around on the path. They actually listened very well and would stop when we told them to (for the most part, anyhow). The weather was beautiful and we are thinking of going again this weekend, if my parents are up to bringing the cousins, too. While the boys were running around, Lucas got a bit ahead of us. He turned back to be sure we were following him and must have thought we were too far behind because he said (I swear to you!) "c'mon Dadoo, momma!"

Here is a video of the boys in the park


Lynne said...

Great blog. I haven't had a chance to read very far (I'll be back). How old are your trips? I have a 3 year old and 18 month old triplets.

Lynne said...

If I had paid attention... :-) Can I blame Mommy Brain? I see the Lillypie graphic. Your little ones are really close in age to ours.