Monday, March 26, 2007

All about Lucas

We knew Lucas would always march to his own beat. Most babies just curl up on their belly and snuggle in to stay warm when they sleep in the isolette. Little Lucas would lay on his back, hands resting under his head and legs stretched out as far as his little 16 1/2 inch body would stretch. He was a relaxed little baby that looked like he was trying get a suntan instead of trying to snuggle in the dark.

Luke has always been a content little guy. He has never been one to demand much, or cause much of a fuss. He is a watcher, studying how people and things work. A little professor, if you will. Sometimes when people come over, they will leave him alone after he seems disinterested in them. Then they get so surprised when he finally comes over to see them, playing shy at first and then running out with big smiles and sweet giggles to tease them.

He is such a beautiful boy! He has such clear blue eyes and when he smiles he is like a different child. His little legs love to dance, but sometimes he will stop when he sees he is being watched. Other times, he is just too caught up in his little groove to give much notice. Balancing is his favorite thing to do. Lucas will bravely stand on tables, a big play truck, or a book only an 1/8 inch tall. He loves to stand on our backs -up to our shoulders and down to our rumps he will walk- with a big squeal when he is about to fall off.

There is so much about Luke we haven't uncovered yet. Everyday with him is really like unwrapping a gift as he lets us see a tiny bit more of his personality. He is full of secrets and smiles. I cannot wait to get to know my little Lucas better.

I love Lucas,
I love Lucas, yes I do...
yes I do.
Lucas is so sweet,
down to his feet,
he's my Luke,
little Luke.

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Don Grubb said...

Laura, you have done the most beautiful entries for our boys. Describing them to a "T ". I love you, I love our boys and thanks for all that you are, and will ever be, the complete of our family. You will forever be the center of our lives, the beauty of our lives, You are the Queen of the family. (i will make sure our boys will alway know this.)